Training systems for pump station operator and pipeline dispatcher.

Safety of the pipeline operation depends not only on the equipment and the software, but also from correct actions of the personnel, is especial in critical situations. Therefore training of dispatchers and operators is very important element of increase of reliability and safety of technical systems.

 SimulatorOn the other hand, for those who bears the personal responsibility for functioning of the pipeline, it is very important to have an opportunity to check up how the personnel in this or that situation will operate. For this purpose we offer the various training systems constructed on the basis of mathematical models which allow operators and dispatchers to receive skills of management both in regular, and in extreme situations of any complexity.

The training system includes the mathematical model of the pipeline containing models of compressor (pump) stations, control and protection systems, sensors, system of data gathering. The model is connected to system SCADA with use accepted in SCADA the protocol (a training system of the dispatcher of the pipeline) or to racks of management pump station (a training system of operator pump station). The dispatcher of the pipeline works on the standard dispatching terminal, is absolutely similar to how he does at management of the pipeline. The trainee has an opportunity to create various situations which can arise at management of the pipeline, including emergency, and supervise actions trained. Thus, the opportunity of check of skills of dispatchers in conditions is provided, is maximum close to real.





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