LeakWave - leak detection system based on pressure surge method for crossing river parts of pipelines.

In addition to a global leak detection system, which is based on the process information obtained from SCADA, we offer the leak detection system LeakWAVE® that requires locally installed equipment and operate as a part of LeakSPY or as independent system.

That system uses pressure surge method to detect a leak. ShemOur firm "Energoavtomatika" is a supplier of the system and all services for it. We designed all software for a local controller (RTU) and a central computer station. Energoavtomatika made experimental consideration of pressure transmitters to get desired parameters.An advantage of this system consists of an ability both to detect leak in few seconds and to determine leak location with accuracy about 50-100 m. It is useful both to prevent pollution of environment (especially rivers) and to catch a thief, who is stealing oil from a product pipeline. The last problem is important for some parts of Russia and GUS. Thieves destroy pipelines more then all other natural effects. Usually it results in environmental pollution because thieves don't close created openings.





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